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What would you do if you were financially free?

ImageNow there’s a question!  And the purpose of the question, is that I am off on a course this weekend about that very subject with the fabulous Ann Wilson.  So today’s (and tomorrow’s) posts are going to be short and thought provoking.  I shall be inside a hotel conference room for the whole weekend learning how to be financially free – how exciting is that?!

Here’s what I shall do when I am financially free – drum roll please – what I am doing right now.  You see, I love my family, my friends, my work.  The only think I would change is the balance of how much time I spend on each.  Family and friends would get more time, while work will still be there.  Many people have those fantasy conversations of what will we do when we will the lottery, lotto, pools etc – any many will stop work immediately.  That’s a sure fire way to know that you are not doing what you were put on this earth to do.  If you are not passionate about it and don’t love it, how can you expect your prospects and clients to?

What I would do is more of the work I find rewarding – speaking to children in schools about being body confident, I’d volunteer more at the Look Good Feel Better events to help women with cancer to feel better, more confident and beautiful.  I would still want to train people to be image consultants – with more of them – we can do more good work.  I’d write more, I’d stand on stage and speak more and I’d take more holidays.  Other than that – life would be just as it is. Oh – and I’d buy the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster that I drove round a track for my birthday!!!

So, what would you do if you didn’t have to earn money to pay your bills – if all of that was taken care of – what would you really do?

Have a great weekend – see you on the other side!


First Impressions, Lyn Bromley, Women in business, Work Life Balance

Can we have it all?

Firstly a huge thank you for everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and special thanks to those who have commented, I really appreciate it.

Yesterday’s blog seemed to strike a chord with many, eliciting the most responses so far, so more on the subject of women in business today.

karren-brady_2239475bI was thrilled and delighted when my question posed yesterday about women in business was answered by Karren Brady on the Piers Morgan interview last night!  She talked candidly about her life as a business woman.  Sadly, I know that there will have been those watching who want to criticize her because she went back to work straight after having her children and that she spends lots of time away from her family.  In my view, that is her choice, and the the choice of her family.  We all have our own decisions to make about how we work.  Certainly in our Western Word, we have more choice than ever before.  I am sure it is not easy and she commented last night that it is hard at times to be away from them and to balance board meetings with nativity plays.  All working women have that and actually, so do men.

It does gall me when people sit in judgement, the phrase ‘waking a mile in someone else’s shoes’ springs to mind.  It’s very easy for people to sit in judgement from the comfort of their own armchairs, but have they ever tried the lifestyle that Karren has?  Like everyone, I am sure there would be amazing parts and tough parts, it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry.

I thought that she came across pretty authentically, although I’m sure that even the most open people would appear slightly guarded in front of Piers Mogan!  I think that she was incredibly brave to speak openly about her miscarriage and her aneurysm.  Both of which have shaped her life irrevocably and have helped her to slow down a little – only a little though!

She alluded to the fact that she may enter the world of politics at some point – now that, I will be delighted to see – finally someone with business acumen and real life experience – that would be novel!  I shall look forward to that day.

Wishing you a wonderful Saturday,