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New Year’s Eve Dress Shopping

There are still five full days to go until New Year’s Eve.   Are you still looking for that perfect party dress?  If you already know what suit you in terms of colour (yes, there are more choices than just black!) and style, it can sometimes be tricky to find something that ticks all the boxes.  I especially find this once the sales are on – there will be a reduced selection out there and many of the best ones will have already gone.  It just means that you need to look a bit harder and there may well be a gem of a dress waiting to be discovered.  Here is my own personal search for a dress for the party season.

My ideal dress would be a cool and bright colour – one which has a blue undertone and a vibrant quality to its colour.  It would have an angular neckline, so either a ‘V’ or a slash neck, it would be fitted in at the waist and either a full skirt (1940’s style) or a gradual A line – I don’t favour the full A line, even thought I could wear one.  I could also go for a pencil, albeit, it has to be one with some shaping from the waist with a curve to it to skim my hips.

My search starts with colour first – it’s a really quick way to eliminate what is not right for you straight off and saves lots of time. So for me, I scan the rails for cool and bright shades – I particularly love reds, pinks, blues, purples and I also love silver.  At this time of year there are so many dark shades – lots of blacks, charcoals, deep reds, purples and of course lots of forest green.  All of which are too deep for me, so they are ruled out straight away!

Once I find a colour I like, I take it off the rail and look at the design.  I’ll specifically look at the neckline, the waist, the length and any particular design details – i.e. for me, I wouldn’t want any large pockets on my hips (my widest part!) they would just draw attention to an area that I don’t want to highlight.  I’d much rather have definition at the waist with a belt, ruching, or embellishment.  Some consultants would say that you need to tick all of those boxes, for me, I like to break the rules, so as long as it fits the majority, I’m happy.  It makes sense to make the most of your figure so you look and feel your best right?

Here is what I found – a lovely Coast dress – Lianna lace dress.  It was originally £125 and I got it for £49 in the sale – bargain! The colour is perfect for me – it is actually pink, but looks red on the computer screen – do watch out for that – colours can look deceptively different on screen.  Lianna Coast DressI ordered another one recently from House of Fraser – it looked bright red and when it came it was deeper and much more muted – needless to say, it’s going back!  I had ordered it on click and collect, so no postage or return charges.  Do watch out for that when sale shopping, you can get stung on the postage costs if you are not careful.  Many stores will allow you to order on line and have them delivered to their local store at no cost.

Anyway, I digress, the shape is great -waist definition, shaped around the hips and flattering for my body shape.  The neckline is not perfect – it would be better as a V-neck for me, but I do like this draped neckline and it is not too curved – it actually sits quite straight when it is on.

The main acid test for me – when I put it on I loved it!  I already wore it to a Christmas party and I’m planning on wearing it for New Year’s Eve too.  Enjoy your dress shopping and don’t settle for something in a fit of adrenaline that you will never wear again!  It’s only a bargain if you wear it and it works with other things in your wardrobe.  I have a lovely fake fur jacket in cool silver grey and strappy silver heels to go with mine.  I also added an angular brooch to add a bit more of an angular look to the dress.  Happy shopping!