Lyn Bromley, Relationships


file000974907561I couldn’t let today pass by without mentioning celebrations – it’s our 14th wedding anniversary today!  I’m not usually superstitious, but I’m particularly pleased because my own parents split up when they had been married for 13 years!  I hadn’t realised that I had been holding onto that, but when I woke up this morning and my hubby said ‘Happy Anniversary Darling’, it was the first thing that popped into my head.

 It then got me thinking about other things that we subconsciously hold onto, sometimes without being consciously aware of them.  The min


 is immensely powerful and hugely fascinating to me.  I love knowing more about how it works, why we are all different, how to read people and what drives their behaviour.  I shall be talking more about mindset, the power of our mind and how to gain control over it as the weeks progress.

For now, back to my lovely hubby!  I am sure he won’t mind me sharing with you that for the most part, our 14 years of marriage, our 16 years together as a couple and over 20 years of knowing each other, we have hardly ever had a cross word – that may seem unbelievable, but it is completely true.  We have just had one blip in our otherwise magical time together.  It was a few years ago now thankfully and it was absolutely nothing to do with the two of us together and everything to do with outside influences, pressure of work and business,  so that got me thinking….if a relationship can weather any storm and become stronger because of that, how would it be if that could relate to anything within in our lives?

When we had our blip, nothing else mattered, all that mattered was getting us back on track, and we gave it total focus, committed time and energy to our relationship, lavished love and attention upon it and each other and hey presto, after no time at all, things were back to the way they had been, in fact, better, stronger, deeper.  So much so, that when outside pressures bubbled up again, starting new businesses and career changes, we never had so much as a cross word.  We just supported each other and we both take a lot of strength from that situation.

So, whatever is going on for you right now, whatever your problems may be, try giving it your undivided attention, your focus, ask yourself how you can make it better?  What might the possibilities be for you?

With love and gratitude