First Impressions, Lyn Bromley, Motivation

How do you keep motivated?

carrot and stickI have been chatting to several people who I mentor this week, they all run their own businesses and one of the recurring themes that has cropped up time and time again is about motivation?  I’m interested, how do you keep motivated and what motivates you?

The dictionary definition, according to the good old Oxford English Dictionary is ‘a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way’.

So what’s your reason?  We are all motivated in different ways.  Would it be helpful to know how your team members were motivated?  Might it be helpful to know have to incentivise and reward them?

Towards Motivation

Some people are what is termed ‘towards’ motivated i.e. these will be the people who set goals, who like clear direction, they are motivated to achieve things.

Away From Motivation

While others are ‘away from’ motivated which means that they will only make a change when a situation is so bad that they can no longer stand it.  You must have heard people say ‘I have to get out of this place’, or ‘I have got to leave this job…’.

Knowing this information about your team members can be really powerful.  But also knowing this about yourself can be a great incite too.  The away from motivation can be great to get you started and motivate you into taking action, but the towards motivation can be much more empowering and can help you to achieve much more in your life and to make more of a generative change.

I invite you to just notice, next time you are making a decision, which type of motivation are you utilising?  Have fun with it and try playing with the language you use to turn an ‘away from’ into a ‘towards’ motivation and see how it makes you feel.  For example – not being controlled v’s freedom are two completely different things, the first is moving away from something and the second is towards.  Can you see how much more empowering choosing freedom is?

Please let me know how you get on!

Best wishes