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Etiquette: ‘hello, my name is’

This story caught my attention on the news this morning – 31 year old Dr Kate Granger started a campaign for ‘hello, my name is‘ while sheDr Kate Granger was in hospital herself being treated for cancer.  She observed that many Doctors didn’t introduce themselves or make eye contact.   In my opinion this is just plain bad manners.  I have worked with many NHS departments and I know that they are all busy and stretched – we all are.  In post recession Britain, we are all doing more for less and as my parents frequently intoned ‘manners do not cost anything!’

She reported that the Dr who gave her the news that her cancer had spread neither introduced himself or looked her in the eye.  She told Radio 4’s Today Programme “The lack of introductions really made me feel like just a diseased body and not a real person”.

When someone did introduce themselves, she said, “it really did make a difference to how comfortable I was and less lonely I was in hospital”.

It has now become a national campaign and has the backing of over 400,000 NHS staff.  It has also caught the attention of high profile celebrities and politicians.  Well done Dr Kate for bringing this to the attention of the masses and taking action.  Very sadly she is terminally ill with cancer, but her legacy will go on.

Many forward thinking NHS Trusts are really on-board with this idea and are ensuring that all staff are informed of the importance of creating rapport with their patients.  I spoke earlier in the year at a Nursing Conference and have since worked with other areas relating to public health.  The clinical skills are of course vital and the bedside manner is also and important part of being an effective clinician.

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