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A little help for our friends…

PrintWe are absolutely delighted to be working with Look Good Feel Better charity. There is such synergy with how we work and it’s great to be able to help by using our skills. I shall be personally volunteering at my local cancer centre and many consultants have already come forward to volunteer at their local centres too. We look forward to supporting LGFB and fostering a long term relationship with the charity.


By Ian Daniels – Fundraising & Operations Manager at LGFB

Look Good Feel Better was set up by the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) and gained charitable status in 1993. Today, the Programme has the support of over 40 leading companies and brands in the Beauty and Fragrance Industry.

In the past 19 years we have reached nearly 100,000 women, of all ages, from teenagers to our oldest patient beneficiary who was a young 93 years old!

Look Good Feel Better helps women cancer patients in the most practical and positive way.

Finding out you have cancer in any form can be daunting and life-changing, and the added stress of the appearance related side effects of treatment can be demoralising and very hard to cope with. This can have serious consequences on self-esteem and confidence at a time when a positive attitude is very important.

LGFB hold free skincare and make-up workshops to help combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment and, in turn, boost confidence and wellbeing.

The sessions are run weekly, fortnightly or monthly for up to 12 people. They are held in over 65 locations throughout the UK, in hospitals and cancer care centres. Since its launch the Look Good Feel Better Programme has significantly grown, (demonstrating the need for our services) and is now available in 25 countries worldwide.

At the beginning of each workshop, patients are given a gift bag filled with 17 different products donated by major companies throughout the Beauty Industry. Three volunteer beauty consultants take everyone through a specially designed 12-step skincare and make-up regime. At the end of two hours of learning, fun and laughter ladies leave feeling relaxed and full of renewed confidence in their appearance. They are then free to enjoy the product gift bag or ‘cosmetic tool kit’ at home.

Many women tell us that their LGFB workshop helped them regain a sense of control and normality at a time when diagnosis and treatment can make everything feel overwhelming.

“I found the Look Good Feel Better workshop very beneficial in terms of boosting my confidence in wearing make-up products I wouldn’t normally try and helping me to discover how to make the best of my appearance. I certainly helped to ‘cut out the cancer label’ and gave me tremendous lift.” Jackie, LGFB Patient Beneficiary.

“Look Good Feel Better currently helps over 11,000 women each year in 65 locations throughout the UK. However, demand for our service is constantly increasing as more people are living with their cancer. We recently set out a plan to reach 50% of newly diagnosed women each year by 2016 (73,000). To achieve this, support from organisations such as First Impressions is vital to our success. We are delighted to have been chosen as their charity partner and grateful for all their support”. Ian Daniels, Fundraising & Operations Manager.

To find out more – please go to the Look Good Feel Better website

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Men are fabulous, but…..

… are women!  A controversial post for a Friday is in order I thought!


Over the years I have worked with a pretty equal number of men and women.  Some were great, some amazing, some were downright awful!  Their gender did not dictate whether they were great at their job, for me it is all about the right person being in the right job with a match of qualifications, technical skills, inter-personal skills and experience.

I have been involved in seminars about The Davies Report, looking at quotas for women on boards and personally, I just don’t like it.  I appreciate that in some sectors there is such an imbalance that it may need a quota to redress the balance, but really, in 2013, is it absolutely necessary?  I certainly wouldn’t want to be the token female on a board just to meet a quota, I’d only want to be there because I was the right person for the job and had earned my place there along with everyone else around the boardroom table.

My background started off in the world of finance.  I’m a qualified accountant and I then moved into training, consultancy and project management, still working with finance software products and working largely with the finance department in businesses large and small.  So both industries, finance and IT, were quite male dominated.  I never felt that I shouldn’t be there or that I didn’t have a valuable contribution to make.  In fact, quite the opposite!  I was promoted above the guys I worked with and headed up a consultancy division within a global business for several years.

So where are these companies that struggle to find women who are capable and willing to step up to a board position and what is stopping it from happening?  I’d love to know. I’m willing to challenge and be challenged on this topic.  It’s one I’m really passionate about, so do please add your comments below!

I’m all about harmony and balance and I never want to see a world where women are completely in charge, but I do want to see more equality and more women on boards.  Only because they deserve to be there, are the right choice and have the right skills to do an amazing job.  A diverse leadership team is an more effective leadership team.

I work with many senior executives mentoring them in how to be the best leader they can be. I come from a place of having been there and done it, so it’s very practical.  If I can help you, especially if you are a woman working in a male dominated world, please do get in touch.  I’d love to have a chat to see whether I can help you to step up and become the leader that you are destined to be.

Please contact me through the First Impressions website.

Wishing you a fabulous Friday!