Circle Skirt, Sewing

Sewing: Circle Skirt

Here is the first of my attempts for the Vintage Sewing Pledge – it was a joint effort between my daughter and I.  We started by searching for a pattern onIMG_1010-line.  I looked at several blogs as it is such a simple design, there was no need for a bought pattern.  We measured Gracie’s waist and multiplied it by 6.28 (2 x pie).  We then decided on the length, added on 3cm for seam allowances and measured from the corner of the pattern, making marks at various intervals using a tape measure and marking with pen.  We made a pattern from some left over Christmas wrapping paper! The fabric needs to be folder in half twice, so you are pinning onto four layers of fabric.  We also cut out a simple waistband, which was her waist measurement, plus seam allowances again.  The only other thing we needed was a thick piece of elastic for the waistband.

IMG_1012Once cut out, you end up with a circle, surprise, surprise!

Gracie decided to sew the hem herself – she was great!  Really confident on the machine – textiles is her favourite subject at school and she has obviously learning well!

Here are a few photos of us sewing together – great fun!

Once Grace has sewed the hem, she left me to do the waistband!  I attached this by sewing right sides together, then folding it over and topstitching it with a zig-zag stitch.  IMG_1032IMG_1030I remembered to leave a gap to feed the elastic in through and then just simply sewing the elastic together and sewing up the gap.  All done!  I think we’ll be making a few of these in different fabrics.  They are so quick and easy and next time Grace can perhaps make it all herself.


Here is the finished skirt, she just couldn’t help but spin around in it!!  Stylish and fun, what more could you ask for!

IMG_1039 IMG_1035