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Uncovering the Myths from Makeover Shows – Periscope #Scope10 Challenge

I saw Veronica Pullen talking about using Periscope and she had set up a 10 day challenge to learn how to use it and to become comfortable with broadcasting live from your smart phone or tablet!  Periscope is an app that can be downloaded it’s available for Apple or Android and it can be used to live broadcast to specific audience members or to the general public.  It is announced to your ‘followers’ and you can Periscopealso set it up to notify your Twitter followers that you are about to go live too.

The challenges started off gently with us learning our way around the app and broadcasting to just one buddy, so that made it less scary while getting to grips with the technology.  I missed a day of broadcasting as we have builders in at the moment and there was lots of drilling and knocking down of walls, so too noisy that day!

Yesterday’s challenge was to do a live ‘scope’ and have a rant about something in your industry.  The first thing that sprang to mind was the TV makeover shows!  I have to say, that was a little tricky, so rather than have a rant, I have dispelled some of the myths purported by makeover shows and I have let you know what it would really be like to work with an image professional, rather than one in TV land!

If you would like to catch it – here is a recording on You Tube.  Periscope deletes them after 24 hours, which has some benefits!!

I’m trialling the app so I can tell our First Impressions consultants all about it if I think it will be useful to them.  Today there is lots more drilling going on, so I’ll be scoping later in the day if you want to catch it, my scope handle is @FirstImpressions.

Have a great weekend all.


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