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Weekend Sewing: Finished Vintage-Stylie Dress

You might remember that some time ago I blogged about a dress that I had almost finished ‘A Vintage Affaire‘.  The hem just needed to be completed.  I then hit a snag and asked for help ‘Trouble shooting‘.  Since then, the dress has hung in my wardrobe and I hadn’t got round to finishing it for fear of ruining it!

While I was getting my dresses out ready for my holiday I saw it hanging there and I got the desire to wear it on holiday.  I put it on and bravely, or stupidly gave my teenager a pair of scissors to cut it off for me.  I figured that nobody would have a tape-meeasure when they see me wearing it and I wasn’t sure how easy it would be anyway with such an un-even hemline.  So, I trusted her to do her best with the scissors!

It ended up a little short once I had turned the hem up and sewed it, but it was fine for holidays.  Here is me twirling on my balcony in Turkey wearing the finished dress!!  Plus a stationary one so you can see the style better and one with my family where you can see the colour better.  I’m pretty pleased with it.

IMG_2671 IMG_2672 IMG_2673 IMG_2674IMG_2681FullSizeRender


6 thoughts on “Weekend Sewing: Finished Vintage-Stylie Dress

  1. Very pretty it is too. I like the deep straps and the bust shaping, and the fabric too, Lyn. It certainly doesn’t look to short to me. Why not make it again but make the skirt a little longer?

    • Yes I probably will. At the mo I have too many new exciting things to make!! Just made a baby dress for my friend’s little girl – so cute! I’ll blog about that once she has got the dress. Happy weekend. Lx

    • Thank you! I love your dress – I’ve just looked at the pics and will go back and have a good read of the detail too. I love how it hangs – are you wearing an underskirt with it? I think I may make one to wear under mind so it sits out like yours. It looks like a great quality make to me!

      • Thanks so much lyn yes it has a 50’s style petticoat under it!! It also then saves lining the skirt!! Thanks for taking a look and I look forward to your next blog post 🌷🌷🌷

      • I love your blog – I have subscribed, so will look forward to more blogs! I tend to write me sewing blogs at the weekend only and then write about personal brand, image, impact etc during the week as that is my day job! The sewing fits in really well with what I do and I’m loving it! Great to meet you. Lyn

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