Personal Brand

Personal Branding: Brand of a Nation

I have often written about our own individual authentic personal brand, but while on holiday recently, it got me thinking about the brand of a nation.  We met a lovely couple on a boat trip around the Turkish coastline and we spent the day together.  As you do, we started to chat and find out about each other.  They were from Chile and he had travelled extensively with his work and had even been to Warwick University just down the road from us – what a small world.  His wife had never been to the UK, so her perception of us was from TV, newspapers and meeting Brits abroad.

My heart sank, I knew what was coming next.  She either had us down as one of two extremes.  Her experience was either aristocracy, such as the royal family or lager louts on tour!  She said that Brits abroad have lots of tattoos, wear short skirts, get drunk and are very loud!  Her husband, having spent time in the UK realised that there were many different characters and socio-economic groupings.  He understood the subtlety of different parts of the country, different accents and different occupations.

Royal Family Wayne and Waynetta

I do hope our day together changed her opinion somewhat.  I wonder what your view is?  How could we re-brand our nation and how would you want it to be?


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