A really interesting blog by Kate Davies. I know many of our First Imoressions consultants will like to read this. We love seeing behind the scenes.

Fit and Flare

This is my friend Yuka who works for a well known high street boutique.

Yuka Yuka

We met for lunch, but before that she treated me to a look around the works. The company was sensitive to the issue of design copyright, so I won’t mention their name or show the design process. I will focus on the pattern cutting and sample making.

Here is Denise, working from a sketch, making a blouse pattern on the company software. She usually starts with the block, but sometimes designs from scratch or by modelling on the stand. Once the pattern is finished she checks it by making a half toile in a cotton. When it is finally right this file gets zipped up and sent to the manufacturer who can be in China, India or elsewhere.

The other patten cutter was Anne, who does some flat patten cutting on paper and most of the draping…

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Commercial pattern cutting – an insight into the trade


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