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Colour Psychology: Pink

I always find pink a fascinating colour.  It evokes such strong feelings in people – pink for a girls, blue for a boy as the tradition goes.  But, does it?  DiMerkel and Clintond you know that originally baby boys wore pink and girls wore blue?  It was only just prior to world war I that the colours switched.  It seems to be that the clothing manufacturers decided upon this change. Many people are very anti-gender dressing and will not use pink for girls, believing that it will make them too ‘girly’. Now in the 20th century, it seems so firmly ingrained that pink is seen as a feminine colour.  It is also:

  • Youthful
  • Approachable
  • Empathetic
  • Innovative
  • Calming

In many prisons, pink is painted on the walls as it is proven to calm down aggressive inmates.  Pink might therefore be a good colour to wear if you know that you are going into a situation where there might be conflict – perhaps a project meeting where the project is behind plan! Pink can be worn by men and women at work.  It can be a great colour for men to wear either as a shirt or tie.  The shade of pink would vary depending on your own individual colouring.  The soft pale pink worn by Angela Merkel above is more of an approachable, empathetic shade, whereas the bright shade worn by Hillary Clinton would have a closer association to red as it is more energetic. Pink is created by adding white to red and is named after the flower ‘pink’ of the dianthus family.

The fashionistas among you might be interested to know that the name ‘shocking pink’ was introduced in the 1930’s by Elsa Schiaparelli when she launched her perfume of the same name and put it in a shocking pink box.

Lyn Bromley MFIPI, ACMA –  Managing Director, First Impressions  Lyn Bromley is Managing Director of First Impressions Training Ltd and a Master of The Federation of Image Professionals International. (FIPI)  She is also Director of Regional Events at FIPI and a leader of Achiever’s Academy for Women. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our programmes, bespoke image training or one-to-one coaching.  First Impressions have a network of over 150 consultants working across the UK – to find one in your area visit the website and take a look at the consultant map. Telephone: +44 (0)1926 623038 Email: Website:


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