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Sewing – An Update

This sewing malarkey has taken on a life of it’s own!  I’m off to Mum’s today to practice sewing in invisible zips as I haven’t done on of those for years.  I mentioned it to my daughter (Grace) and she said ‘Oh Mummy, you should have asked me, I got an A in textiles and a Da Vinci Merit (which is over and above a normal merit) and it was specifically for sewing in my zip and having neat corners!!’  Well, excuse me, I didn’t realise I had a budding sewer in the house!  We ended up talking about what she would like to make and we have decided on a cream skater skirt.  We are off to look for fabric this morning.

Meanwhile, I may have been taking a peek at sewing blogs and I happened to see a gorgeous vintage inspired dress.  Pattern should arrive today!!  I may have also seen a sewing blogger talking about a vintage sewing pattern pledge and I just may have signed up!  Well, I’m going to be making the vintage dress pattern anyway and surely the skater (circle) skirt must count and I want to look for a vintage blouse pattern, job done.  Kate, what have you got me into!

I am loving it – while Nige looks at ‘car nutter’ sites in the evening, I can look at clothing designs, which is also research for my day job of being a trainer on all things image and style (with comms and behaviour thrown in too) – perfect!  I do love it when a plan comes together.

1942217622elizam-eliza20dressHere is my vintage inspired dress from Eliza M– I love the fabric too, so may order that.  I’ll take a look in my local fabric store in Leamington Spa today first.  We are on the look out for cream fabric for a skater skirt, probably something medium weight for this time of year so she can wear it in spring and I am sure they will sew up very quickly, so we can always make a lighter weight number for summer.

How exciting – a new wardrobe for both of the Bromley girls!  I think Grandma may join in too.

Happy sewing.


3 thoughts on “Sewing – An Update

    • Great! I will look forward to seeing yours too Linda. We made the circle skirt yesterday and I’ll post it on the blog next Saturday as this is when I plan to do my sewing updates. Happy sewing!

  1. What a great story! It will be fantastic to have a hobby that you can share with the other generations, and create just the wardrobe you have always wanted. Welcome to our world!

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