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Putting Yourself First

oxygen maskYou may have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday and there was good reason for that.  I was adding to my knowledge, mixing with people who ‘juice’ me, to coin a well used phrase from the weekend!  I am one of life’s curious people. I love new experiences and learning new things. It’s what makes me happy and puts a spring in my step!

There is a great metaphor for life if you ever pay attention to the air hosts or hostesses when they do their safely demonstrations.  They advise you to put your own oxygen mask on first. That may be tricky for you to comprehend, especially if you are a giver. But in order to be able to help others, you do need to put your own oxygen mask on first. What good are you to others if you are not able to breathe?!

So that’s, what I was doing this weekend, putting my own oxygen mask on first and filling up my lungs, my head and my heart.

The training was fantastic!  I was learning all about how to become financially free.  In these uncertain times I’m certainly not going to fut my faith into the Government to look after me in my old age, so before I get too old, I’m making sure we are maximising our own finances so that my family and I are secure.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  I was training with Ann Wilson – The Wealth Chef – she gives such practical advice, delivered with high energy, enthusiasm and love.  If you want to be financially free – I’d definitely check out Ann’s work. She’s a self-made millionaire and it’s her mission to teach as many people as possible how to be financially free.

Wishing you a fabulous week



6 thoughts on “Putting Yourself First

  1. Enjoyed your blog, Lynn. I think that a lot of women have trouble putting themselves first (or even second sometimes!). On the topic of personal wealth, I recommend Suze Orman’s The Courage to be Rich. A great book and it sounds as though she has similar ideas to the Wealth Chef.

  2. Each time I fly I sit up straight when I hear the oxygen mask instruction. If I’m traveling with my kids, I shake my head in wonder. I understand the principle and I quote that metaphor often, but actually putting it into practice with 2 toddlers is a mystery for me. Of course, I am a giver so that also complicates issues. Thanks for reminding me to give priority to me.

  3. Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RD, CDN, CDE says:

    This is a topic I am passionate about and often write about. I try hard to balance work, family and play time, and encourages others to do so as well.

  4. I love the oxygen mask metaphor. I often cite this with my friends when they are frazzled and complaining that they are stressed out and snappy at their family members. Remembering that we need to take time for ourselves FIRST is how we can take care of others. I find that’s hard for women sometimes but so necessary. Thank you!

  5. Time for you is so important. I did a bit of knitting this weekend and that gave me time away from my computer. My odd dolls wont give me financial freedom, but head space will allow me to think about things.

    Ann’s work looks fab. Do share some secrets.

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