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Presenting at Bath Fashion Week


I really have had a ‘Fabulous’ day today.  I co-presented the ‘Look Fabulous’ Lunch with Jo Stroud as part of Bath Fashion Week .  We showed the latest jewellery trends and gave tips on how to select the best jewellery for you in terms of colour, scale, proportion, shape and style personality.

You may have noticed that there is lots of rose gold in the shops at the moment and this works particularly well for those who have warmer colouring i.e. a yellow undertone.  For those who have cool colouring i.e. a blue undertone, silver, platinum or white gold will be best.

To see the other trends, pop into a Fabulous store near you.  They are based in Bath, Leamington Spa and Solihull.  They have a wonderful range of jewellery and offer top class service.  Check them out at

Which jewellery have you got your eye on?

Best wishes



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