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Achiever’s Academy for Women

Some of our fabulous AAW leaders - we do have lots of fun!

Some of our fabulous AAW leaders – we do have lots of fun!

What a fabulous day I have had!  I spent this morning leading a group of wonderful business women at our Achiever’s Academy for Women in Kenilworth.  We are all either business owners or senior women within business.  Today we were sharing ideas about being confident in communicating.  With many communication experts in the group we certainly had lots to share!

Personally, I have loved being a member of the founding Warwick group for the last two years.  I have made some great friends, we have done business with each other and most importantly we are always there to support each other, sharing in successes and cheering each other on with any challenges.  It is both challenging and supportive in equal measures.

Running my own business can be rewarding and also the most challenging thing I have ever embarked upon!  Having a group of experienced business women to share ideas and thoughts with is fantastic.  It is like having your own board of directors to bounce ideas around with.  If there is something you are thinking of doing, you can bet that one of the members has already been there and done it, or can point you in the right direction to their own trusted advisers.

I decided to set up my own group so I could spread the great benefits that AAW provides.  We launched in February and  today was the second of our official monthly meetings.  It was a fantastic end to the week and a great start to the weekend.

Following a lovely lunch with some of our members at The Woodside in Kenilworth, I went to pick up our daughter and our dog who had both been staying at Grandmas for a few days, so pleased to have them both home!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,



4 thoughts on “Achiever’s Academy for Women

  1. I am really enjoying your blog posts, Lyn 🙂
    As a member of your Kenilworth AAW group, I really appreciated the way you led us through the discussion on communication. A great topic for a room of women who have various experiences of communication personally and professionally. When I joined I hoped that this would be a group that was more than networking and more than a forum for women to chat. Our meetings so far have proved very useful and being able to discuss business decisions and opportunities with such inspiring women drives me to want to achieve more. It’s early days as relationships are being built but the environment you create ensures we feel comfortable to discuss challenges and successes, discovering support for both. Thanks Lyn, I look forward to future meetings.

  2. Sounds great, Lyn! I’ve just set up a business too (with my wife) and would really benefit from bouncing ideas off women in a similar business. We are developing a leadership programme aimed at young women so also hope to be in a position to help participants too! Have a great weekend. Kat

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