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What can you expect from an image consultation?

iStock_000015022319MediumIn this very visual world, we are all influenced by what we see and so our appearance needs to match what’s on the inside – our abilities, characteristics and values.   Every morning we need to make decisions on what to wear – which top, which suit, which shoes – decisions, decisions!  It’s no wonder that more people are working with an image consultant to help them understand what works and why.   Many of us already feel there are not enough hours in the day and some friendly professional advice to assist with the daily decision of ‘what to wear’ can make life a whole lot easier.

 Returning to Work?  Promotion?  Important Meeting?  Bored of your current look? 

There are many life and career changes which cause us to stop and take stock and by learning how to make the most of our appearance, we gain life long skills to enable us to look and feel our best.  If you look good, you’ll feel confident – and success is all about confidence, in both personal and professional situations.

 You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Never underestimate the power of appearances – a staggering fifteen seconds is all it takes to form a first impression and those vital first few seconds can make or break your chances of success.  Your clothes, and the colours you choose to wear, should help you in your daily task of creating rapport, influencing others and ensuring you create the right impression.   We call it ‘personal branding’ and you need to be clear about your personal brand values, in order to know how to communicate these to those you are meeting.  Non-verbal signals are more powerful than words and can be used to convey a certain impression, according to the situation.

An image consultation is all about YOU

Your personal image consultation offers you the opportunity to take time out and be the full focus of attention.   You are unique, so an image consultant will not only take into account your physical characteristics, but also your lifestyle, personality, budget, working environment and job role.   By taking time to fully understand your individual style and preferences, a consultant will teach you techniques to stand out from the crowd!

A private consultation, usually held at your consultant’s studio or your home, will give you the opportunity to explore every aspect of your personal appearance.  It’s important you choose someone with whom you have a good rapport and feel happy talking to, as the most effective consultations arise from an open exchange of information.   You can decide what topics are of most interest to you but here are some examples of the image topics where a consultant can advise:

  • Choosing and using colour – the shades that work for you
  • Style, scale and proportion – so your clothes fit you and your lifestyle
  • Perfect grooming every time – and those all-important  finishing touches
  • Wardrobe management – create a wearable wardrobe
  • Make-up lessons and advice – professional techniques for a natural look
  • Effective shopping – for better buying decisions

You might think, why not use a personal shopping or stylist service offered by many department stores?   Although personal shoppers have an excellent knowledge of their store’s clothing ranges, their primary focus will be on showcasing and selling clothes and accessories.  The nature of their role means they are less likely to offer impartial advice and the clothing available in store may not be the best for your style and body shape.   Image consultants, on the other hand, are independent and can offer advice and recommendations across all retailers and fashion chains.  More significantly, however, an image consultant will probably get to know you quite well before taking you shopping and will be able to pick out things that will work for your particular body shape, colouring and personal style.  A store consultant simply doesn’t have the time or opportunity to really find out about you and understand your particular preferences so the experience can be a little more ‘hit and miss’.

On tomorrow’s blog I shall add more details about the specifics of an image consultation.  If you have any questions, please post them in the comment box and I shall aim to answer them in tomorrow’s post.

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15 thoughts on “What can you expect from an image consultation?

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  4. Really interesting blog, Lyn. I was actually thinking the other day about what image I am trying to portray to the families I am trying to help. Due to the fact that I am carrying 2 stone more than I would like, I am finding it quite hard to create the look.

    • Hi Caroline, thank you for your comment – you might find that although you feel that you are overweight, others may not see that – we are generally our own worst critic. How would it be that they see you as the fabulous person you are? We never advice our clients to lose weight, it is more about helping them to feel fabulous just as they are. Often we find that if you are trying to lose weight, feeling good about yourself right now can really help you to achieve your goal. Let me know if you would like to know more – we are connected on Facebook, so you can always message me privately there.

  5. Certainly enjoyed reading all about what services you offer…
    Would enjoy a day in the life of an image consultant for your next blog !!!

    Its so nice to see well dressed and thought out attire…

    Keep Britain tidy ……

    • Thanks Rachel – I will certainly have a think about ‘a day in the life of’ – for me, because I run the training business, my day in the life of would not be a normal one! I will ask one of my image consultants to write a guest blog!

  6. Angela says:

    Nice blog Lyn. I guess my questions fall under the wardrobe management section. I often see an amazing statement item or accessory but struggle to build an outfit around it, any hints and tips would be great.

    • You are absolutely right Angela, it’s all about creating a capsule wardrobe where everything works together and you can mix and match clothes and accessories because they all work perfectly for you. We always start with colour and style, then after doing the analysis, we can advise on what you already have in your wardrobe – and then work on a short, medium and long term shopping list. We can even take you shopping if that is not something you either enjoy or have time for!

  7. It’s the style bit I need help with. I know my colours pretty well, its just what shape and style of clothes I should go for baffles me! heeelllppp!!

  8. I’ve always loved the thought of working with an image consultant, even though I didn’t fully understand the benefits; thanks for detailing that. Mine, I can just imagine how much less stress I’ll have if that part of my life is taken care of by a professional.

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