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Men are fabulous, but…..

…..so are women!  A controversial post for a Friday is in order I thought!


Over the years I have worked with a pretty equal number of men and women.  Some were great, some amazing, some were downright awful!  Their gender did not dictate whether they were great at their job, for me it is all about the right person being in the right job with a match of qualifications, technical skills, inter-personal skills and experience.

I have been involved in seminars about The Davies Report, looking at quotas for women on boards and personally, I just don’t like it.  I appreciate that in some sectors there is such an imbalance that it may need a quota to redress the balance, but really, in 2013, is it absolutely necessary?  I certainly wouldn’t want to be the token female on a board just to meet a quota, I’d only want to be there because I was the right person for the job and had earned my place there along with everyone else around the boardroom table.

My background started off in the world of finance.  I’m a qualified accountant and I then moved into training, consultancy and project management, still working with finance software products and working largely with the finance department in businesses large and small.  So both industries, finance and IT, were quite male dominated.  I never felt that I shouldn’t be there or that I didn’t have a valuable contribution to make.  In fact, quite the opposite!  I was promoted above the guys I worked with and headed up a consultancy division within a global business for several years.

So where are these companies that struggle to find women who are capable and willing to step up to a board position and what is stopping it from happening?  I’d love to know. I’m willing to challenge and be challenged on this topic.  It’s one I’m really passionate about, so do please add your comments below!

I’m all about harmony and balance and I never want to see a world where women are completely in charge, but I do want to see more equality and more women on boards.  Only because they deserve to be there, are the right choice and have the right skills to do an amazing job.  A diverse leadership team is an more effective leadership team.

I work with many senior executives mentoring them in how to be the best leader they can be. I come from a place of having been there and done it, so it’s very practical.  If I can help you, especially if you are a woman working in a male dominated world, please do get in touch.  I’d love to have a chat to see whether I can help you to step up and become the leader that you are destined to be.

Please contact me through the First Impressions website.

Wishing you a fabulous Friday!



9 thoughts on “Men are fabulous, but…..

  1. I too started off with banking and then went into training. I must confess that I have never felt left behind because of my gender, but I have seen it happen. Sometimes, I believe it’s women too who second guess themselves – wondering whether they’re doing the right thing in pressing to reach the top. The eternal family versus career question. Much of all this comes from out conditioning, of course.

    • I think that may be the case sometimes too Corinne. I work with appearance, behaviour, communication and mindset with the view of building confidence. I absolutely love what I do and work with both men and women – we all need some extra help and support at different times in our career!

  2. I love this post, Lyn – real food for thought! I have worked with men and women (in my previous life before autism!!) and actually prefer to work with women. There always seemed to be an underlying current that I was beneath them, even if we were equally qualified and doing an equal job.

    I’m now married to someone who claims one opinion about this topic, but whose behaviour shows he truly believes the opposite!!!

  3. Well said Lyn, im always disappointed to hear that women are still struggling to reach the top of the career ladder. They actually make better leaders in business because they use a risk based approach, in that they think before they leap. Something men do not do, which is why so many fail. Enjoy your Friday x

  4. Lyn, I totally agree with you on wanting to KNOW I earned my position and was not given it to fill a quota. If an organization is not putting the best person in the job, then the organization is not being the best it can be. In today’s competitive environment, that is not a good place to be.

    I think that there have been many businesses started by women because of inequality in the workplace. I know I did. Several times in fact.

  5. designson says:

    It’s definitely about having the right skills for the post and not being the token female as you say. At times it’s also about having more than those skills though as on top you need to have the ability to win over the mind sets of the board you are joining if its culture has been developed with a specific gender orientation in the first place. Love your passion for this Lyn. Would love to chat more… X

  6. Great post Lyn, I used to work in manufacturing and IT, again both male dominated, but I never felt as if I was the token senior exec, I was just a person doing my job.

    I am not sure who creates the gender divide – is it us?

    My wish would be that we forget all this gender difference rubbish and just live and work together as people.

    May the best wo(man) (wo)man succeed!

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