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Select your favourite egg!

Select your favourite egg!

It has just been the Easter bank holiday weekend.  Usually we would have arranged lots of things to do, friends to see, entertaining, eating far too much food and chocolate.  This holiday was different.  I was unwell over the holiday, nothing serious, but enough to stop me from wanting to go out.

So, we stayed in for most of the holiday and instead of the usual bank holiday activities we just hung out together as a family.  We baked cakes, we played games – you know, the old fashioned board games that you played as a child!  Our daughter is a bit of a dab hand at every game we played, beating poor Mum and Dad almost every time!

We were quite perturbed to notice that our ‘Classic’ edition of Cluedo is nothing like the old version, Professor Plum has become Plum and the revolver has turned into a pistol – I wonder when that happened!?  We all enjoyed it just the same, but had to Google the original figures to show our daughter anyway!

We watched movies and we made a pact at the beginning of the year to re-watch some of the classic movies, introducing them to our daughter as we re-discovered them ourselves.  I wonder whether this is just a sign of getting older, the security of the familiar or a desire to teach her all that we know.  I choose to believe that it is the latter, but in truth, it’s probably a bit of all three!

We still ate far too much chocolate, so some things don’t change and we had the best Easter weekend ever!  As April 1st dawned, I woke and could finally breath and my sinusey headache had passed, so we could finally venture out of the confines of our house.  We discovered a lovely forties inspired café  and had cream teas – definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Stratford-upon-Avon – it’s called The Fourteas  The cream tea just finished our Easter off nicely!

I hope you like the Easter image at the top of the page – I asked my consultants which one they liked best and the general consensus was 1) kiss 2) gold 3) lace 4) burgundy 5)green – leave me a note to let me know which one appeals to you most.  I hope you had a fabulous Easter and look forward to chatting to your further throughout April.

Wishing you a fabulous and stylish day



An imposed weekend of joy!


6 thoughts on “An imposed weekend of joy!

    • Thank you Harriet – I definitely will be asking again. I have just written tomorrow’s blog (I’m on a roll now!!) and I shall be asking what people would like to see me writing about (from a list of topic areas), so that will help to define what comes next.

  1. That was surprisingly difficult! I think I prefer the lace one, but I could well change my mind by tomorrow. It sounds like you had a lovely Easter, even if you weren’t feeling well. Family holidays can either be perfect or a nightmare – they’re rarely in between in my experience!

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